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Ever walk into a wine store wanting the perfect bottle, but didn’t know where to begin? We've been there and feel your pain.

Recently there's been a lot of buzz around wine as the generations become more aware of its history and lore. Wine is also a lot of fun to drink and pairs well with food, parties and even cigars.

From the crisp fresh Chardonnays of Chablis to rich dark caramel like Sherry, wine expresses itself with as much variety as we, each of us, have unique personalities.

No two wines are alike. It takes serious dedication to learn the varieties of wine and even begin to know the differences between grapes, years, styles and regions. Fortunately, WineGenie has done all of the hard work for you.

Wine Genie was created by Sommeliers committed to helping the public understand wine. Each wine has its own personality, but you also have your own unique wine personality.

WineGenie is extremely high tech. We leverage technology to enhance your wine drinking experience.

WineGenie was created by Wine lovers for wine lovers. Some of our wine lovers happen to be Sommeliers, others psychologists or even tech professionals.

We all got together and created something that has never been seen before -- a high tech wine recommendation system based on the wine drinker’s individual taste profile.

We’ve all heard of supertasters and we all have someone in our life who seems to have no taste buds at all. A sensitive taster is not going to like the same wine as someone who loves intensity of flavor.

Since we are, each of us, so unique, we need to be drinking wines that fit our personality and lifestyle. Share your wine journey with us. Check out more in the engage section.

Your Wine Story

Wine stories begin with the first wine that matches your taste. For most of us, wine isn’t something that we fully appreciated until we found the "perfect taste".
Once we have our first wine experience our wine journey begins.

Your wine journey is a process of discovery and revelation. You learn about which wines suit your taste as you discover facts about history, geography, climate and soil.

Each wine you try, each story you read, each variety you begin to familiarize yourself with becomes a part of you as you develop a distinct wine personality.

Understanding your own Wine Personality

When you take our WineGenie survey we will have a good sense of your wine personality and will recommend wines based on that personality. As we get to know you better we will recommend you more wines that you’re very likely to enjoy.

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