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Understanding Your Wine Personality

Your Wine Personality


A wine personality is the part of you that discovers wines. Like real personalities and certain types are attracted to certain wines. Ever taste what you were told was a "great wine", but you couldn’t fully appreciate it?

It’s likely the "great wine" you chose, or that someone else chose for you, didn’t suit your wine personality.

Your wine personality, we’ve discovered, is far deeper than just liking one broad wine type like red or white.

Through deep personality research we’ve identified a number of wine personality types. This is an exciting new area of research and we’re constantly refining our knowledge of wine personalities.


Taste Profile

Personality is a reflection of the natural way you taste.

Some love strong espresso, while others love their sugar with coffee and cream.

Do you have a salt lover in your life? How about a spice fanatic?

Your normal taste preferences and the decisions you make based on the way you taste are partially innate and partially learned. With food most of us are exposed to enough variety of flavors that we know what we like by a very early age.



Your approach to understanding wine also informs your wine personality. You want to drink good wine and have fun. Your definition of fun, for example, will help us understand your wine personality. Are you a Book Club kind of person, or are you a Night Club type.

Are you the kind of person who needs to drink Organic or Natural wines?

Are dimly lit wine bars your scene or do you prefer sweet sparkling wine with friends on movie night?

The way you drink wine and the extent to which you get into wine shapes your wine personality.