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We’d like to help you grow your business, understand your customers while improving their overall experience.
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New Challenges

Retail in general, and wine retail in particular, is facing several unique challenges (#retailapocolypse). From selecting the right inventory and optimizing your store for ecommerce solutions to training and retaining staff managers have a lot of moving pieces to monitor.

New Solutions

WineGenie is a customizable wine recommendation system that integrates seamlessly with all the systems you need to successfully run your wine business. From In Store display solutions that help educate, inform and enhance your customer’s experience to integrations with existing POS, customer engagement and promotion systems.
WineGenie was created by sommeliers, tech wizards, psychologists and seasoned service industry professionals who had a deep desire to solve some of the most pressing problems in the wine business. The Genie was designed with both the retailer’s and the customer’s needs in mind.

Wine Genie can help save customers time and money by recommending them wines that match their natural taste preferences while giving them access to a personal Sommelier based recommendation system. We help customers find the ideal wines for every meal and occasion while keeping the customer within their ideal price point.

Responsive Smart Private Wine Consultant

Often we work so hard in the businesses we love and we overlook the most important element of our work - the customer interactions that are the most valuable.
Save those expensive consultant fees. WineGenie makes it easier for you to structure your customers’ in store experience. It is also customizable to your digital platforms from websites to single social media accounts. The Genie also optimizes ecommerce solutions, including third party solutions that help you run your business.
WineGenie is sensitive to the needs of both the wine industry and wine consumers. We listen to you, our customers in the wine service industry, and customize solutions that make sense for your business.

Promotion - Engage with Us

WineGenie also represents a commitment to cultivating a community of wine lovers who don’t resonate with from stodgy concepts of how wine should be enjoyed and empower them to share wine stories that made their lives more enjoyable.
This community, built through outreach, fostered through engagement and empowered through tech, education and deep insights into their wine personality represents your new customers, exciting opportunities to engage and possibilities for growth.

Tech - The WineGenie Advantage

WineGenie is a smart recommendation system that allows you to better understand your customers. These insights bring you far beyond what you can know from a customer’s pastpurchasing patterns. WineGenie’s insights are based on big data and deep individual psychological factors.
Your customers are not just end users who purchase wine. They are psychologically complex people whose tastes, behaviors, and purchasing profiles are multidimensional and that’s how the WineGenie views each individual and those are the data points we will use to help support your business.
WineGenie is technology driven and its nature is dynamic and based on deep behavioral factors. Our wine recommendations are, therefore, far different than that of the traditional "points" systems, which tend to skew towards certain expressions of the grape while ignoring others. Also some points systems are heavily stacked with very high priced wines.

Diversity - Be Relevant, Be Recognized

WineGenie asks customers about their preferences, expectations and parameters when selecting a wine. We don’t recommend wines based on subjective overall ratings, but based on what the customers natural born preferences are along while also considering the preferences they’ve developed through life experience.
Usually it takes years or decades to train a person to recommend wines or to even know the right questions to ask. WineGenie has made the process simple for you in order to better serve you customers while making smart decisions about your inventory, marketing and merchandising.


Join us on your wine journey today.



How it works

WineGenie is a custom solution that will integrate with your website/online shop, third party apps and POS systems. We integrate your store’s inventory with WineGenie.
WineGenie will give customers completely unbiased recommendations which will be selected from your inventory. You’ll clearly see that these recommendations are highly personalized.
Customers who already have profiles with WineGenie will have their recommendations ready to go, making wine purchasing a much smoother, more hassle-free experience.

Understand your customers' needs

WineGenie grants you inventory planning miracles. WineGenie provides you with serious insights about your business by breaking down your customers unique taste profiles and purchasing patterns.

Understand the market

WineGenie can help you better understand your local market, anticipate their needs and even predict their needs.
WineGenie offers consultation services at every level of the wine business.

Cultivate and Maintain Loyal Customers

Knowing what your customers want by using WineGenie to recommend them wines allows you to refine your inventory to your customers needs.

In Store Experience

WineGenie can help enhance your customers In Store Experience by recommending merchandising improvements based on good data.

eCommerce and Digital Marketing

WineGenie can be customized to any shop system, app or feature on a website to enhance your customers’ experience and grow your business.