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Genie Enterprise and Vinou Are Transforming Wine through Technology

Posted by jpokada at 5:08 PM on Mar 4, 2021


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Press Release 

Genie Enterprise and Vinou Are Transforming Wine through Technology

Together Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing Will Change Wine

Modern technologies are finding their way more and more into the wine industry. However, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is still in its infancy in wine. Genie Enterprise and Vinou are now taking the first step together to use AI in the marketing of wine.

Genie Enterprise is a startup headquartered in the US with its R&D center in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Genie excels at creating applications that are both data-driven and customer-centric. WineGenie, the digital sommelier, determines taste profiles based on customer data and gives concrete wine recommendations that are continuously improved through constant analysis, so-called deep learning. Vinou and Genie Enterprise see this technology as being a major benefit to wine producers and therefore plan to integrate this AI technology into wine marketing.

Winemakers and wineries will be able to analyze their data directly in the Vinou-Office merchandise management system and, if necessary, request detailed information from the customer to complete the profile. With the information gained, target groups can be identified, sales scenarios can be worked out and specific product recommendations can be sent to customers. 

Vinou GmbH, which specializes in the automated processing and distribution of wine data, and also provides an online store solution in which these functions can be used directly during online shopping. In this way, end customers receive the best possible wine advice at any time, without the need for highly trained wine experts.

With this important step, Vinou and Genie Enterprise are further advancing the digitization of the wine industry and setting new standards. Interested wine producers or wine retailers can now apply to become pilot customers by emailing


"We are pleased to be able to advance digitization in the wine industry a little further together with Vinou. We want to build a better understanding between consumers and winemakers/retailers so that ultimately customer satisfaction increases and both sides benefit."

Regina Keßler, CEO Genie Enterprise Inc.

"Together with the team around Regina Keßler and her WineGenie, we are entering new territory towards digital AI-driven wine marketing. The direct integration into the merchandise management and into the online store, or the website, offers especially for many smaller businesses a good opportunity to advise the customers at any time in the best possible way and to make product recommendations, even if the entire team is currently in the vineyard. In addition, this approach offers a good opportunity to correctly determine suitable target groups and to support sales through targeted promotions. The potentials cannot are so great and we can't yet see what potential this partnership will have. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation and the exchange of experiences."

Christian Händel, Managing Director Vinou GmbH

March 1, 2021

Benjamin Schmitt