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Our Story - Big Passion meets Big Data

Regina Kessler has been called "Gini" since she was a young girl. It just so happened that she loved the classic TV show, I Dream of Genie. Naturally the ancient tales of Genies in bottles who would grant wishes were always her favorites and remain so to this day. Need we mention that "Gini" is most well known for her signature wink. Regina came to believe that computers and the science that powered were the real genies in bottles, so she immersed herself in tech. Regina started her tech career in sales and eventually she expanded into marketing. Her keen interest in data science and AI guides the company today.

Our passion doesn’t stop at data. We all have our passions and are constantly seeking to explore them. Wine is one of Regina's passions. She's a Sommelier in addition to being a CEO. Being a wine expert living in the historic heart of German wine country, Regina has had one foot in the wine world while keeping the other firmly planted in tech. This unique combination of skills has inspired local business, government and cultural leaders to partner with Regina to re-vision the wine business. The view of the solution changed inspired the leaders — first idea was the end customer. Through these alliances Regina became acutely aware of the pain points her winemaker friends and worked on developing potential tech solutions with them. Regina was determined to create a solution that would transform the wine world and she began to research all areas related to wine.

Her studies ranged from human sensory systems to grape harvesting. Regina developed a deep interest in human perception and began to closely consider how individuals’ taste preferences affect wine consumption. Through years of painstaking research and development Regina and her team developed WineGenie, the most elegant (practical, fun) solutions to the most complex retail problems (on the market).


But WineGenie is just one example of how we apply our big science to real world problems (that we care about). Next time you see us, say hello and come learn with us.